Step 4 Why Dreams Fail

Playing an instrument is a complicated process. And the smaller parts of the piece you practice at time the easier you make it.

Can you imagine learning a poem so that you read it every time from the beginning till the end and try to memorize it? That would be very difficult.

So follow the same thing in music – one little step until you master it, then the next one. And after all you unite these to.


Step 3 Why Dreams Fail

For getting the wanted results and consequences it is inevitable to have efficient information. Questioning: Why? How? What? is always healthy. Finding the simple logic of reason and consequence is very helpful. Without intelligent work good results are not possible.


Step 2 Why Dreams Fail

Are you interested in playing the piano or you love diving into an illusion of enjoying yourself while playing a piece wonderfully?

If you not interested in the process of practicing itself but interested in the “illusion of playing a piece effortlessly” it is very easy to end up abandoning your journey, because one moment you realise what it really takes to play a piece well.


Step 1 Why Dreams Fail

Just instinctive action is always average or below that. For being successful you need to be different from the rest. Avoiding the problem explained in this video will make you differ from most of the other people. Probably you will be in the top 5% if you really manage it.


Introduction to Failure and Unsuccess as a Musician

The way of unsuccess is a state of mind and a way of thinking and action just like any other. Many properties that we posess may throw us into patterns that are not efficient.

Being aware of the main actions human beings take to be unsuccessful, it is a lot easier to avoid them, find their roots and create new better habits.

The series of videos will be exactly about this subject.


Answer to Jytte – Prokofiev, Morning


Feedback to Online Student Greg – L’arabesque op. 100 by F.Burgmüller


Answer to Online Student Greg – “La Candeur” by F.Burgmüller op. 100


Answer to Online Student Greg – “Murmuring Brook” by Cornelius Gurlitt, Op. 140 No 5


Answer to Online Student Greg – Cornelius Gurlitt “In the Garden” op 140 nr 4

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