How Much Time It Takes to Learn Piano When I Follow The Adult Beginner Piano Course?

‘How Much Time It Takes to Learn Piano When I Follow The Adult Beginner Piano Course?’ could be one of the first questions that come up when you start taking piano lessons for adult beginners. You might have your favorite piece in mind and would probably like to see results very soon. If one starts and makes an effort, it is normal to be excited about the first musical results.

As the first short answer I will say that if you follow the piano course properly, in the end of the first free month you will be able to play four short piano pieces. These pieces are musically nice and include the fundamentals of piano technique that are inevitable for every piano player. The full list of detailed overview of playing techniques and skills you can learn in the first free month is also available.

The ability to play a certain amount of pieces is something that can be seen from outside as a fact. But at least equally important is the inner process of your piano learning and understanding how to improve piano technique further. Your development as a person and as a psychophysical whole is very important. The idea to integrate a person, help him/her be more focused, in a good balance and harmony with himself/herself is also an inseparable part of this particular adult beginner piano course.

The seek for truthfulness and a way of being where you can express yourself in a balanced and complete way cannot be successful in a rushed tempo. Rushing means, that the current situation is not acceptable and you have to force on the changes that accelerate the process. The mentality in this adult beginner piano course is the opposite – accept your current situation, learn new things, understand them in your own pace and get the best and most beneficial out of every new bit of information. Therefore your piano playing improvement depends a lot on how much piano practice per day you prefer and how much you go through the piano lessons step-by-step.

Integration process of a psychophysical whole of a person can be spotted by following indicators:

    1) Different body parts work well together without physical tensions and contradictions
    2) Your emotions are expressed through your body motions as piano technique and directed to music
    3) Your intellect is able to observe the piano playing situation, direct and clarify emotions and free up and better the way of your body movement

As these points show, your body, emotional side and intellect will all be engaged and I will even start existing as one entity. This is a very good and fulfilling feeling according to my experience. So when to talk about ‘how much time it takes to learn piano’ I want to remind that this very personal development as a human being is just as important as the ability to play pieces fast.

As this part of piano playing is very interesting and includes many details, concepts and viewpoints I would be most happy to discuss things with you whenever you have an idea or question. Take care!

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