What Equipment Do I Need for Joining Jaak Sikk’s Adult Beginner Piano Course?

For joining the adult beginner piano course and being a success with it you will need a piano (digital or acoustic), a screen where to watch piano teaching videos from and internet access. This is the minimum requirement for effective learning.

Most students also regularly send me videos of their playing to get personal feedback on their piano playing. For your own recordings you need at least a webcam or camcorder.

I like playing from note sheets that are on real paper because I can write down and make notes on the note sheet. As there are some exercises during the course where you should make notes in the note sheet having access to printing would be great.

Also a notebook for writing down your ideas that come into your mind while learning is suggested. I have experienced forgetting very valuable information several times. Sometimes I have forgotten even things that seem to be very elementary and obvious and unforgettable. But still in a few months they are gone. So I really suggest having a notebook where you regularly write down new good ideas and bits of information. Later you can just repeat over and refresh what you have learned. It is very efficient.

I would also suggest something for planning your learning schedule. Today many electronic calendars are available or maybe you like the old school real one. I like the real ones too.

All other materials including note sheets for printing out, video lessons, links to various different materials etc. will be provided by the piano course for adult beginners.

For the conclusion I will give you a short list of things you will need:

    1) Piano (digital or acoustic)
    2) A screen (desktop computer, tablet, laptop)
    3) Internet access
    4) Webcam or camcorder for recording your playing (if you want personal feedback)
    5) Access to printing
    6) Notebook, musical notebook and a pen

This is all you need to join the free one month piano course for adult beginners and enjoying your journey of piano playing.

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