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The first month of the Beginner Classical Piano course is a free complete course that provides learners with a package of high quality basic skills for a beginner pianist. Everything is explained in detail and based on proven scientific theories and approved teaching methods. Give it a try to prove it works for you, and get all the basic knowledge for free. Accomplishing the free course enables to continue studies in the follow-up course.

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What People Are Saying About Jaak Sikk’s Beginner Classical Piano Course:

Improving very slighty every day. Piano playing technique is for me the trickiest and most rewarding part.

I am already signed up for the follow-up course. I would recommend it, you are obviously a good teacher and I find that it’s more than reasonably priced.

(name not published on request)

I think I managed to learn all the presented basics. Not everything perfectly, of course, but the progress is clear.

I like the course allowed me to try rapidly a lot of things that may look inherently difficult at first to a beginner like me. I could try basics of fingering and body coordination, white and black keys, playing with both hands and crossing them, using most of the keyboard range, pedal, some rhythm, etc. It made the course funny and encouraging, despite the simplicity of the pieces. The most useful thing learned is that it may be feasible for me to learn playing the piano.

I can’t judge the free piano course separately from the follow-up course. I have been considering it as a part of the whole course since the very beginning, providing a good opportunity to test first whether this approach may work. I don’t think the free course itself without any follow-up would be very useful for a beginner. So I can recommend or not recommend it only after getting some experience with the follow-up course.

(name not published on request)

I’ve been studying piano by myself for about two years. I could say I’m at the low intermediate level. I went through the eight lessons in about two days. I loved the way you teach.

This is a very good approach to piano teaching. I’ve learned a lot with these eight lessons you offered me, especially about the hand movements and the note syllables. The remaining theory was not new for me.

I would like to try just one month more and then decide if I want to continue with the remaining 10 months, since I already have some piano skills. Is is possible to buy each month separately? Or do I have to buy all the 11 months in one package?

(name not published on request)

I have learnt the concepts from another teacher and I am currently at RCM Level 2, therefore I mostly watched the videos as I feel I am already at the stage of doing the 11 months course, simply because I have already studied the concepts you teach in the free course (the practical components). There were aspects of theory that I found I did not know and were well-explained in the course and this was helpful.

Your depth and detail of teaching motivates me to do the 11 month course properly so that I may refine and revise and improve what I have already been taught in the past 2 years and hopefully attain more discipline in my approach.

Thank you very much Jaak.

I would recommend the free piano course for someone who has not played before because they will learn correct habits right from the start to play the piano correctly.

(name not published on request)

I have had tuition for about 18 months but stopped for several months. I am pleased I have found your course as I want to be able to play classical music well. I like your course because it is so well structured.

Lessons are clear and given at a good pace. Good hand position and better understanding of notation.

I had been looking for a serious online classical piano course as private lessons were becoming expensive. I have so completed the free one months course but this has helped me so much in consolidating knowledge already gained. The course is thorough and given at the right pace. Looking forward to learning and improving.

(name not published on request)

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