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The first month of the Beginner Classical Piano course is a free complete course that provides learners with a package of high quality basic skills for a beginner pianist. Everything is explained in detail and based on proven scientific theories and approved teaching methods. Give it a try to prove it works for you, and get all the basic knowledge for free. Accomplishing the free course enables to continue studies in the follow-up course.

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What People Are Saying About Jaak Sikk’s Beginner Classical Piano Course:

The course is thorough and it creates in me a desire to learn more. The most useful thing I learnt is that the music must flow.

Gerald November
[The learning process is going] quite well I think, as some things are familiar to me.

I appreciate the time you spend basic position and action the fingers. I am sure that this will allow for greater relaxation and efficiency of muscular effort.

I would recommend this course to others. I like the detailed explanations of each stage and also the encouragement to contact the tutor for support if needed.

The pace and structure of the course feels very thorough and ensures that basic techniques are properly covered. Hand, posture and fingers actions and ergonomics.

I need to be more disciplined about setting a regular daily practice session.

Dave Forrer

I joined this course and have completed 6 Months now, yesterday I subscribed for the 6th month.
This course has helped me a lot, more than my teacher at home.

Jaak’s recommended techniques and practices for relaxed piano playing producing beautiful piano tones is commendable. Step by step video guide with slow practices, hands separate then together and full arm technique slowly but consistently improve ur skills.

Highly recommend for passionate players.

Jawwad Hafeez 2/2

I have just finished 32 lessons and subscribed for up to 48 today. It is no doubt a wonderful course. I really liked Jaaks very clear instruction style and his playing technique, using full arm, relaxed wrists and strong fingers to achieve relaxed playing is wonderful.

I had some years of Piano playing experience before joining this course. I learned it at a younger age from a Russian Teacher. Later due to study and job commitments I could not continue regularly.
Dragging left hand in complex chords and movements, too much finger articulation, stiff fingers in brisk movements, uneven scales, 3rds and 5ths and chords were sort of brick walls that I could not cross.

Until I joined this course, and things have changed now. I took more time on 38 lessons, may be twice as much. After studying the 1st free lessons, I was quick to point out my flawed technique, that I knew will not take me any further in classical piano.
I have sort of worked more on my technique getting rid of bad habits and tried to imitate Jaak. That is working so well now.

I would recommend it to for everyone with a passion for classical piano playing. There is not short cut, follow each lesson accurately, don’t move forward until u master it, no doubt u will achieve ur aim.

Jawwad Hafeez 1/2

I am enjoying it very much. I am pleased with the feedback responses that I have had to my video submissions. Your feedback has given me things to work on to improve my musicianship and enjoyment of making music.

I like being able to review the lessons whenever and as many times I want to. I like getting feedback to my submissions of my playing. I also like the way the lessons are in small logical chunks. You do not present an overwhelming amount of material in a lesson. I think that the points you have taught about wrist flexibility and playing through the keys with the fingers are great. The music notation seasons are also well done.

You have created a logical progression to the presentation of the necessary technique and knowledge to learn beginner classical piano through the Internet. Well done. You don’t make promises of it being overnight – it will take a year of twenty minutes a day. That is within anyone’s capacity to do, especially when you come out playing a Bach prelude and Fur Elise by he end of the course.

I like the pacing and the clarity and detail of the instruction.

Dave Harper

I have been learning 3 weeks and practice daily. I like the clear explanation. For example, using the pedal. This may be intermediate skill for most teachers. Jaak explains the coordination of hand and foot so clearly that it’s quite easy for a beginner to pick up this skill. The method of teaching music theory is special. Jaak sings out the note name, instead of the C is Do.

Surely, I will also recommend this course to this groups of people:
1. Piano students who have a teacher, but want to understand the reason behind each skill.
2. Piano teachers to learn the effective teaching method from Jaak.

I hate those piano teachers who teach students from six to sixty to use the same teaching material, same teaching method.

Weiyan Wo

Hi Jaak,

You usually only get email from me when I have a problem or a bunch of questions.

So I thought I’d share a little event with you:

There’s an old TV series in Denmark, from the 70s, that i have watched many times. The Theme from that series is composed by a very popular Danish pianist, it’s pretty and it got stuck in my head. When I tried to self-teach 5 years ago, I made an arrangement of it, because it was one of the first pieces I wanted to play. But I never could. I couldn’t even get started, as the RH was already next to impossible with wide stretches I couldn’t reach, and LH was all arpeggios, very scary and utterly impossible.

When I decided to get started again this time, it was one of the first sheets I pulled out. Still totally impossible of course, so I just put it on my side table thinking ‘well, some day I hope’.

Yesterday I pulled it out again. Those arpeggios still looked pretty scary. Tried the RH… wow, I can reach it, I can actually do this. Tried the LH…. well this isn’t so bad, and I can reach that too. Within a half hour I was playing the first 3-4 bars HT !! I just couldn’t believe it. What was so scary about those arpeggios? Compared to the stuff you’ve been throwing at me, not much LOL Did my fingers grow? Probably not, so it must be the training you’ve given me.

It’s just a start, but I know with a little time and work, I can play this piece, that I’ve always wanted to ‘own’. You have no idea how happy that makes me :)

I have already made little ‘Jaak arrows’ on the sheet, and I’m trying to do it the way you’ve taught me. This will be my new ‘side piece’, my reward for first working on the hideous Prokofiev.

Thank you for teaching me!!



Jytte Christrup 2/2

I already had theory, so concentrated on the practical playing. I love the way you thoroughly explain movements. I also watched your videos on YouTube and picked up some extra clues there. It has changed the way I practice (focused now), and I has given me the ability to actually play with my left hand.

I had been playing, self taught, for a few years, then quit for a couple of years. I did play simple pieces, but had learned more bad habits than useful techniques and couldn’t progress. I now started fresh, and decided to follow this course. As I had learned theory, I could concentrate on the techniques of playing. And that has changed my playing totally (in less than 2 weeks). I have regained my enthusiasm and motivation, and I now have the basics and the tools to move on. I know that I will be playing the pieces I always wanted to in the near future. Can’t wait to start on the follow-up course.

Jytte Christrup 1/2

The piano pieces gave me a sigh of relief. A beginner would find them musically interesting and not dumbed down. The introduction of the black keys from the beginning of the course is very innovative. I don’t remember any particular piano course for beginners that presents the black keys this early. This is a big, big plus. Your Oriental Walk piece enables the student to have a feel of a rather wide expanse of the piano keyboard. Again, this is a big, big plus. Not like other piano courses that prescribe learning piano pieces in the basic 5-finger position in the Key of C for a considerable length of time.

Your video personality is very unassuming and highly likeable. Your students wouldn’t feel that you are looking down at them. Will Barrow has that very detached, aloof, and “Look at me, I’m great” air in his video persona. Not so bad, but not so endearing either.

I don’t care much about the topics on note reading because I’m already familiar with music sheets. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t move my finger to the correct piano key within a reasonable period of time, haha. But if I were asked to identify notes on a written test I’m pretty sure that I would pass the written test easily. Just don’t ask me to do it on the piano, it’s gonna be an epic fail.

Your piano technique and the lessons that presented those techniques are one of a kind. After many years, it’s only now that I could comfortably play with my pinky and ring fingers. Thanks to your technique. I will always remember you for this. This made me hopeful and got enthusiastic again to play the piano. This is a big milestone for me. Please note that I’ve been playing with my fingers shaped like I’m holding a ball throughout these years. And yet, my fingers remained clumsy at the piano keys.

All the piano teachers I have mentioned here pale in comparison when it comes to piano technique. The way your hand and fingers move are way above their level of expertise. I would rather say that it’s an insult to you if you were compared to those piano teachers.

I couldn’t praise you enough because you have shown that you are a competent and serious teacher. Serious in a good way, that is.

Thank you, thank you very much.

Edward Evangelista 2/2

Felt a little bit awkward during the first few minutes during the very first lesson because I wasn’t familiar with your accent. It was the very first time that I’ve seen and listened to you. I wasn’t aware of your videos online, just found out the very next day. No, I’m not a stalker, hahaha, just curious about you. But you sound alright as I got used to your accent. Don’t worry you got a cute accent. Your knowledge of the English language is excellent so again, no need to worry much.

I have read quite a lot of piano and music theories so I am not a neophyte. It’s just that my ample knowledge of music does not translate well enough to playing the piano. Lost the enthusiasm to play it because I wasn’t making any progress.

I joined Pianomagic, an online piano course, but dropped out after 2 to 3 months because of my inability to play with both hands. Aside from that I just felt that to really get the most out of this online course, it’s a necessity to wade through pages and pages of posts in its online forum. I just found it rather unstructured or a bit loose in its course structure.

Then I bought Hear and Play Piano by Jermaine Griggs. He’s too verbose and loquacious to my liking. Simply talking endlessly doesn’t make one a teacher. I dumped his course DVDs somewhere and I’ve never laid my eyes on them again.

Rocket Piano by Ruth Searle is cheap, very easy on the pocket for less than US$40. Don’t be surprised though when you find out that the course content is even cheaper. The lessons presented are freely available in the Internet. Uh, I think it is just me but maybe other people would find its mini lessons easy to digest. No, I don’t think that you could play the piano reasonably well after this course.

I have in my hands right now these courses:

1. Runs & Fillers by Yoke Wong. The concepts presented are within my grasp and not difficult to understand. Too advanced for my level of piano playing ability though. The course videos are very poor and her funny accent is quite unsettling. I haven’t warmed up to her accent until now.

2. Piano for All by Matthew Stephens. Have just started the lessons. Quite interesting.

3. Learn & Master Piano with Will Barrow. Got the course package from the mail barely a week before I started with your online piano course. Nothing much to say about it yet but the physical package from the mail is quite impressive :)

My exposure to these piano courses (and some others that I didn’t care to mention anymore) gives me enough background for an enlightened review of your online piano course :)

Your videos are very well produced without any doubt. The video presentations are well thought out unlike Yoke Wong’s. I always get this funny feeling that she went to the fish market, got back home, asked the housemaid to hold the video camera then…. voila! A piano video course for everyone from the pianomother! (That’s her Youtube handle, haha). That’s so mean for me to say. Yoke Wong is quite likable, I should hasten to add.

The lessons are topnotch. The course delivery has a very smooth flow with just enough theory for the task at hand. I could play your lessons over and over again and don’t get a feeling in any way that you were babbling away. Yes, I did replay your video lessons many times.

Edward Evangelista 1/2

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