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It is going very well. Some days I have more time available than others. I practice many short sessions every day rather than one long practice time. I look forward to my practice times as those are times just for me. I can always find ten minutes. Because I listen carefully to the practice pieces, I hear them in my head all day long! I also think about fingerings when I am away from the piano.

I like the thoroughness of the beginning work. Build a sound foundation before learning pieces. Jaak explains everything in great detail. He speaks slowly and shows everything slowly. I like that a lot. I also like that I am in charge of the pace, how soon to start the next lesson, or to see a lesson a second or third time! So far the most useful lesson is what to say to myself when I am counting the rhythm.

Maybe consider adding simple exercises that strengthen fingers and make fingers independent. Maybe some warm up exercises to loosen and relax the hand and body. What to think about before I begin to play or practice.

I already have recommended this course to others! I looked at many online “learn piano” courses and all of them emphasized learning popular songs as quickly as possible. I don’t want to learn songs, I want to learn classical piano pieces, and go as far as I can towards piano mastery. Jaak Sikk’s course is the only course I could find that will take me where I want to go.

Jack Parsons

Improving very slighty every day. Piano playing technique is for me the trickiest and most rewarding part.

I am already signed up for the follow-up course. I would recommend it, you are obviously a good teacher and I find that it’s more than reasonably priced.

(name not published on request)

I think I managed to learn all the presented basics. Not everything perfectly, of course, but the progress is clear.

I like the course allowed me to try rapidly a lot of things that may look inherently difficult at first to a beginner like me. I could try basics of fingering and body coordination, white and black keys, playing with both hands and crossing them, using most of the keyboard range, pedal, some rhythm, etc. It made the course funny and encouraging, despite the simplicity of the pieces. The most useful thing learned is that it may be feasible for me to learn playing the piano.

I can’t judge the free piano course separately from the follow-up course. I have been considering it as a part of the whole course since the very beginning, providing a good opportunity to test first whether this approach may work. I don’t think the free course itself without any follow-up would be very useful for a beginner. So I can recommend or not recommend it only after getting some experience with the follow-up course.

(name not published on request)

I have had tuition for about 18 months but stopped for several months. I am pleased I have found your course as I want to be able to play classical music well. I like your course because it is so well structured.

Lessons are clear and given at a good pace. Good hand position and better understanding of notation.

I had been looking for a serious online classical piano course as private lessons were becoming expensive. I have so completed the free one months course but this has helped me so much in consolidating knowledge already gained. The course is thorough and given at the right pace. Looking forward to learning and improving.

(name not published on request)

I like the steady pace of the course and the clarity of your explanations. I’m trying to apply your advice about letting my fingers fall on keys and using the whole body to play, but it’s not coming naturally at the moment.

I like it [the course] very much. It is difficult when you are an adult beginner with a full-time job and family commitments to give the piano all the time you would like. But this course is clear, helpful and inspiring.

(full name not published on request)

Hi Jaak,

You usually only get email from me when I have a problem or a bunch of questions.

So I thought I’d share a little event with you:

There’s an old TV series in Denmark, from the 70s, that i have watched many times. The Theme from that series is composed by a very popular Danish pianist, it’s pretty and it got stuck in my head. When I tried to self-teach 5 years ago, I made an arrangement of it, because it was one of the first pieces I wanted to play. But I never could. I couldn’t even get started, as the RH was already next to impossible with wide stretches I couldn’t reach, and LH was all arpeggios, very scary and utterly impossible.

When I decided to get started again this time, it was one of the first sheets I pulled out. Still totally impossible of course, so I just put it on my side table thinking ‘well, some day I hope’.

Yesterday I pulled it out again. Those arpeggios still looked pretty scary. Tried the RH… wow, I can reach it, I can actually do this. Tried the LH…. well this isn’t so bad, and I can reach that too. Within a half hour I was playing the first 3-4 bars HT !! I just couldn’t believe it. What was so scary about those arpeggios? Compared to the stuff you’ve been throwing at me, not much LOL Did my fingers grow? Probably not, so it must be the training you’ve given me.

It’s just a start, but I know with a little time and work, I can play this piece, that I’ve always wanted to ‘own’. You have no idea how happy that makes me :)

I have already made little ‘Jaak arrows’ on the sheet, and I’m trying to do it the way you’ve taught me. This will be my new ‘side piece’, my reward for first working on the hideous Prokofiev.

Thank you for teaching me!!



Jytte Christrup 2/2

I already had theory, so concentrated on the practical playing. I love the way you thoroughly explain movements. I also watched your videos on YouTube and picked up some extra clues there. It has changed the way I practice (focused now), and I has given me the ability to actually play with my left hand.

I had been playing, self taught, for a few years, then quit for a couple of years. I did play simple pieces, but had learned more bad habits than useful techniques and couldn’t progress. I now started fresh, and decided to follow this course. As I had learned theory, I could concentrate on the techniques of playing. And that has changed my playing totally (in less than 2 weeks). I have regained my enthusiasm and motivation, and I now have the basics and the tools to move on. I know that I will be playing the pieces I always wanted to in the near future. Can’t wait to start on the follow-up course.

Jytte Christrup 1/2

My learning process has had some interruptions because I’m studying full-time at the moment. However, it’s been fun to follow your videos and learn the tips of piano playing for a relative beginner like me.

I really appreciate your style of teaching, all the explanations were very detailed and informative. I like this more traditional approach and the fact that classical pieces like Bach were chosen as I am a big fan of classical approach. Lots of topics were very useful even though I’ve been learning some things on my own before. But I particularly benefited from Syllable and rhythm lesson as I needed to practise counting the rhythm.

It’s hard to say at this stage. I will need to spend more time studying with you to come up with some ideas for improvements. I am really thinking to continue lessons with you in the near future.

I highly recommend this course, especially for beginners. I am sure experienced players could also benefit from it and refresh their skills or get back into playing after a long break.

I enjoyed Jaak’s style of teaching and the ability to go deeper in his explanations. He comes across as a deeply reflective and thinking musician who wants to share his musical world with his students whatever level of skills they have.

Natali D

The course is thorough and it creates in me a desire to learn more. The most useful thing I learnt is that the music must flow.

Gerald November

I’ve been studying piano by myself for about two years. I could say I’m at the low intermediate level. I went through the eight lessons in about two days. I loved the way you teach.

This is a very good approach to piano teaching. I’ve learned a lot with these eight lessons you offered me, especially about the hand movements and the note syllables. The remaining theory was not new for me.

I would like to try just one month more and then decide if I want to continue with the remaining 10 months, since I already have some piano skills. Is is possible to buy each month separately? Or do I have to buy all the 11 months in one package?

(name not published on request)

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  • Jawwad Hafeez

    I have just finished 32 lessons and subscribed for up to 48 today. It is no doubt a wonderful course. I really liked Jaaks very clear instruction style and his playing technique, using full arm, relaxed wrists and strong fingers to achieve relaxed playing is wonderful.

    I had some years of Piano playing experience before joining this course. I learned it at a younger age from a Russian Teacher. Later due to study and job commitments I could not continue regularly.
    Dragging left hand in complex chords and movements, too much finger articulation, stiff fingers in brisk movements, uneven scales, 3rds and 5ths and chords were sort of brick walls that I could not cross.

    Until I joined this course, and things have changed now. I took more time on 38 lessons, may be twice as much. After studying the 1st free lessons, I was quick to point out my flawed technique, that I knew will not take me any further in classical piano.
    I have sort of worked more on my technique getting rid of bad habits and tried to imitate Jaak. That is working so well now.

    I would recommend it to for everyone with a passion for classical piano playing. There is not short cut, follow each lesson accurately, don’t move forward until u master it, no doubt u will achieve ur aims

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