How to Widen Freedom in Playing the Piano (Part 2)

Divergent thinking as a basis for excecuting and experimenting different ideas and ways of playing can lead you to unexpectedly good discoveries and results. You can probably find better and fresh solutions to problems. The idea of divergent thinking says that there is not one and only right way to do things and the richness and variety of different equipment and techinque can be an even better way.

How to Widen Freedom in Playing the Piano (Part 1)

Of course, absolute freedom is impossible. But if you move your hand through the air for example, you can do it very freely and also with a very high tension. Because playing the piano is a huge system of habits and contains so many different details, the “complexity” could lead into habits of using lot of unnecessary tensions. If these tensions become your natural habits, you do not sense that anything is “wrong” because you are too used to this. But knowingly widening the picture and getting out of the “habit zone” can open up fields that can completely change your piano playing and make it more enjoyable.