A Testimonial by Jaak Sikk’s Piano Student Dennis Dooley

The first month of the Beginner Classical Piano course is a free complete course that provides learners with a package of high quality basic skills for a beginner pianist. Everything is explained in detail and based on proven scientific theories and approved teaching methods. Give it a try to prove it works for you, and get all the basic knowledge for free. Accomplishing the free course enables to continue studies in the follow-up course.

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J.S. Bach – Piano Student Rebeca After 1,5 Years of Learning

J.S.Bach – Partita no 3 in A Minor BWV 827 – 1. Fantasia

She just passed the exams and is now a pupil of the music school named after Georg Ots. There was also the piano exam. I am very proud of Rebeca! But of course, she has practiced a lot. The school is highschool level and she is learning musicology.

To see her developing process in playing the instrument you can also check the other videos of her here.