Body Mapping – How to Increase Efficiency and Variety of Your Motions While Playing the Piano

The more flexible and adaptable your body is, the better it is to use it as a channel between the piano and our musicality. If you increase awareness about possible motions of your body, your subconsious self and your habits will start using the new discoveries. Knowing and learning actively is like a door, through which information and skills go into our deeper self.

Musicality and Piano Technique Part 2/2 – The Fertile Ground for Piano Technique

While our body is vibrating and moving according to musicality we need to know how to direct this power. The sound that comes out of the piano should reflect the play and joy and our body should also stay in a free and effective state while playing. And what do you need in this moment? A functioning piano technique.

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Musicality and Piano Technique Part 1/2 – Are You a Musical Person?

Freedom, joy, spontaneity, surprise, creativity all appear while our whole nature with its knowledge and experiences starts to play with rhythm, harmony, melody, tune, sounds etc. At the same time we do nothing directly controlled and on purpose. We can feel, enjoy and experience the energy moving but do not force it by will. It is a process in our head that can spread all over our body, overwhelm it and free it up. When that energy of play is combined with high and fine craft and intelligence, this can form a miracle.

You can also watch: Musicality and Piano Technique Part 2/2 – The Fertile Ground for Piano Technique

Give Yourself a Chance to Master Every Piano Piece

Problems are often caused by overestimating the current abilities and the situation of a certain piece. It is extremely good if you have a vision how the piece should finally sound and the passion to play it. But you are not probably in this state to play the piece exactly according to your wish if you need practicing. So bring the tempo and emotional tensions down to the level where you feel relaxed and in control. Find the border between chaos and your control and stay in the area where you rule. There is always temptation to rush and play with passion, but every great thing needs time and care.

How to Hold Up Motivation While Practicing the Piano

If you develop and are open to changing, experimenting and new ideas you will be on an interesting journey. You will find new approaches, details, motions and you never know where will you finally be. It is exciting. The new and surprisingly good findings will boost the motivation. Oppositely I think that not moving, not developing and not changing is a way of stiffness and death.


Music and Ego Part 2/2 – How Ego Affects Your Piano Playing?

If you expect and demand some values to be already fulfilled, you lose the efficience of practicing. You have to create the values while accepting the real conditions and slowly build your system of skills. Let your body give you new different ideas and ways how to play. Try and search. This will also make practicing interesting, exciting and emotional.

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Why Is Recording Your Piano Playing So Valuable?

Probably you have already recorded your own piano playing. Recording can be used as a valuable tool to learn to know yourself and your playing much better than just by practicing. When you listen to your playing from aside you can remove weaknesses that can be surprising and are later easily noticeable while practicing normally. Take the note sheet, listen to your recording and be your own tutor.

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