How to Play the Piano as a Natural Process

If to try to skip the process or the journey between actual events and only concentrate on these events (in this case for example between depressing the keys), only the skeleton of actions remains. Most of joy from moving your body and expressing your inner self in every second is lost. Oppositely, the more you sense through every moment in your action the more you are present. Your abilities rise and the creative directing of yourself in the learning process gets a lot better.

How to Play the Piano With Sharper Attention and Stronger Contact

Of course the starting energy for the piece is the vision of the piece. You start playing according to the vision of the piece in your head. Also the habits you have mastered while doing the handicraft – again according to the musical imagination – play an important role. So the aim of the video is to give you some ideas how you could clear and sharpen some attention channels that are essential to stay musically adequate and accurate while playing the piano.

Why Music Lives Between Notes

Of course the act of performing itself is very important and it is essential to be adequate and confident while doing something. At the same time the preparation process often defines the result. Artur Schnabel and many other great masters of the piano have said that music is between the notes and keys. The meaning reveals itself – every note sounds just the way how you move to it.

How to Improve Piano Skills

If you have a vision of the piece in your head, the vision can be in a way called as a perfect material or a perfect idea. Now the problem is how to transform the vision into music? One very helpful approach is minimizing the energy level that you use for playing until a level where you can control everything. Bring down the tempo, volume, release tensions etc. Everything that is more than your “cable” is able to transform turns into tensions or chaos.

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