How to Know that a Piece of Music is Mastered

1) The vision of the piece is mature and sophisticated.
2) Accomplishing the piece has gone into subconscious area and can just happen without active interruption. So the brain tension is quite low.
3) At the same time there is full awareness of what is going on while performing the piece. The possibility of watching your own playing process from aside occurs.

There is no limit of developing a piece. But the imagination of something can be mastered.

Memorization Method for Pianists

The most dangerous moments while performing a piece on stage are concentration gaps. If the piece is memorized and you know it well you could be quite confident while playing to the audience. But after playing several minutes in the deep concentration level your brain might need a moment for resting. Then a concentration gap can occur where connection with your memory is much weaker. Here in this video there is a technique how to improve confidence and minimize risks on stage.

Optimize the Practicing Process by Dividing the Piece Into Sections

Generally the most important aspect in rising the quality of the practicing process is reducing the material that is being practiced at a time and rising the concentration level through it. So after analyzing the piece, devide the piece into small sections and practice every small section separately. It is essential to mention that the beginning of the next section should always be added to the section that is being practiced. Then it is easier to connect the sections later naturally.

How to Increase Your Inner Essence of Music

Your ability to express is based on your previous experiences. The more colorful and wide your knowledge and experience is the richer the reflection or interpretation of a musical piece can be. So listen to different music and widen and enrich your musical specter. This idea is also mentioned by Heinrich Neuhaus in his book “The Art of Piano Playing”.

How to Practice Piano – Session Length

Often pianists practice session starts with full concentration and intelligent approach. From one moment on the temptation to play fast and just enjoy playing can win the patience and the benefit from practicing diminishes tremendously. It could be a sign of getting tired and reason to end the practice session and continue after a break.

How to Improve Sight Reading Skills

Often people do not know what is their weakest link in the chain of sight reading process. Do you know which step in your sight reading habits needs your attention and support the most? So if sight reading is devided into steps then each step can be trained with concentration and you will get a good overview of your sight reading situation.

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