How to Hold Up Motivation While Practicing the Piano

If you develop and are open to changing, experimenting and new ideas you will be on an interesting journey. You will find new approaches, details, motions and you never know where will you finally be. It is exciting. The new and surprisingly good findings will boost the motivation. Oppositely I think that not moving, not developing and not changing is a way of stiffness and death.


Music and Ego Part 2/2 – How Ego Affects Your Piano Playing?

If you expect and demand some values to be already fulfilled, you lose the efficience of practicing. You have to create the values while accepting the real conditions and slowly build your system of skills. Let your body give you new different ideas and ways how to play. Try and search. This will also make practicing interesting, exciting and emotional.

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Why Is Recording Your Piano Playing So Valuable?

Probably you have already recorded your own piano playing. Recording can be used as a valuable tool to learn to know yourself and your playing much better than just by practicing. When you listen to your playing from aside you can remove weaknesses that can be surprising and are later easily noticeable while practicing normally. Take the note sheet, listen to your recording and be your own tutor.

How to Play Every Piano Piece As a Musical Whole

This is very common that pianists practice mechanically or just try to fulfill all the marks that are written into the note sheet. This approach is not very much about music. Before practicing the piece try to visualize the music in your head and bind all the notation marks into your vision. When you have a beautiful conception ready in your head it will show you the way to practice efficiently.

How to Make the Piano Sound Beautiful and Natural

Most students I have, in the beginning rush while playing the piano. Even every note is rushed. If you listen to the sound of every note that comes after hitting the key you will give much color and space to the music. Music is between hitting keys not about hitting keys. Lengthen every note until it reaches its natural and real musical value and starts to speak. Then the music will start to live.

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