Best Classical Pianists – András Schiff

Mr. Andras Schiff can be truly considered as a great value pianist. The intellectual aristocracy pours out from everything you can see him doing, in my opinion. I am not giving a biography about him, because everybody can find out it with little effort. I better point out things that can lead to new and interesting discoveries.

András Schiff plays Bach: French Suites, French Overture

Best Classical Pianists – Vladimir Ashkenazy

In this video I am speaking about Vladimir Ashkenazy (born July 6 1937), who is a Russian pianist.

His recordings I really like and suggest: Shostakovich – Preludes and Fugues, 2nd and 3nd piano concerto by Rachmaninoff, Ballades and Scherzos by Chopin. Everything, that he has recorded :)

Please share your experience and opinion about Vladimir Ashkenazy (listening to his live performances and recordings). Info from you is valuable.

Best Classical Pianists – Ivo Pogorelich

In this video I am speaking about Ivo Pogorelich (born October 20 1958), who is a Croatian pianist.


Chopin Scherzo No. 3, Op. 39 played by Ivo Pogorelich at the 1980 Chopin competition in Warsaw (the competition that made him famous):


On of his later so called crazy performances, he plays Liszt Mephisto Waltz No. 1 (Part 1):