How to Play the Piano with Emotion and Quality

The great masters have always said that in playing the piano self-listening is one of the most importan skills (and a difficult one). But what should you listen to? How to listen?

It is very important that things do not stay very general but start making sense and become concrete. If tasks and ideas become clear it is possible to work with them with full awareness. And I am trying to open up the theme a bit.

Awareness – One of the Key Factors in Playing the Piano

Briefly – you can only knowingly change things that you are aware of. But any kind of development needs change and mostly intelligent change. So without awareness there is no intelligent and knowingly directed development.

Even if you improve through unconscious practicing – how can you be sure that the skills (they would be mostly mechanical here) would remain in time if you are not aware of them?

In my opinion awareness is the key to constant and stable development process.