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11 Proven Concepts for Effective Piano Learning Used in the Courses

The materials here and in the courses are not “invented” by Jaak Sikk. Some of them are also original ideas but the materials include a variety of world famous and influential concepts and teaching methods. Basically when researching the articles, courses and materials here you are in the same boat with the biggest thinkers, philosophers and musicians throughout all times.

I will present you a list of concepts and figures that have had an impact on my teaching methods and ways of thinking and briefly give an overview of their meaning in this context. All these complicated ideas are put into my teaching with simplicity and through practical exercises. It is not by far obligatory for you to know and research the concepts and figures I bring out in such a detail as I have been researching them. The main idea behind creating the list is to give you a possibility to learn what is behind the whole atmosphere of this site and my approach if you wish. … Continue reading