Piano Concerto (Free Improvisation) Part 1/4

Piano concerto for piano, orchestra and choir. Piano – Jaak Sikk, orchestra conductor – Farištamo Susi, choir conductor – Kristel Marand. Sound engineer – Sven Sosnitski.

Improvisation concert genre is impro-feast and it was held at the Estonian Music Academy. The piano concerto was part of a one hour long impro-feast concert called “Voices from the Future”.

The hall was dark and lighted by tens of different desk lamps that were placed among the orchestrants. Also the whole concert included dancers (Maria Uppin and Siim Tõniste) and special jewelry (artists: Kätrin Beljaev and Marita Lumi).

The concert poster by Liis Pärnapuu is here.

Special thanks to prof. Anto Pett.

Here you can also listen to the second part, third part and fourth part.

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