In-Depth One Year Piano Course

The One Year Online Piano Course Has Two Stages:

1) One Month Basics Course – FREE
In the one month course there are 8 full lessons and everything is absolutely free. It is a complete piano course on its own. You can understand the method and learn to know Jaak as your teacher before joining the follow-up-course. No obligation to buy, no contracts, no credit card data. No additional information except your name and email address required.

* At the end of the ONE MONTH FREE PROGRAM you will be able to play 4 real pieces that contain the most essential basic elements of piano technique and prove the approach for yourself. In addition you can already get personal study support during the free month. All your questions and videos are welcome and will be answered promptly. You can also join our friendly and informative forum for students.

2) Eleven Month Follow-Up Course
Continue your piano studies and reveal real piano secrets for yourself. Your piano teacher Jaak is all the time with you and gives prompt and professional feedback. The regular monthly price is $38 and you can pay with PayPal, Stripe or credit cards. Discounts apply depending on your payment plan. You can pick a payment plan that matches your goals when you decide to join the follow-up course.

* At the end of the FULL ONE YEAR PROGRAM you you have seven great piano pieces in your repertoire and much more. I promise, you will hear and see music and piano playing in a completely different and much more professional way. It will change your relationship with piano playing and music forever. In addition you will be able to confidently master any new classical piano piece on your own.

Click here to read more about the follow-up course.

„It seems to me that you have the best serious beginner course on the net, and probably anywhere else too. I have never seen, or heard of a course that gives any useful attention to basic technique. Or any attention at all.“
– Cato Sæther

By the End of the Free Basics Course You Will:

a) know the parts of the piano and how they work;

b) acquire the optimal hand position and technique that has been discovered during many years of teaching and researching different famous piano materials;

c) be able to play 4 piano pieces;

d) know all the main rhythm figures;

e) know how to use the pedal;

f) know the names of piano keys and the basic elements of reading sheet music.

Curriculum for the whole course.

„I originally thought your beginning course might be a bit too basic but I am surprised at the number of things I have learned in the first six lessons. My playing and approach to practice has improved noticeably.“
– Ken

Enjoy Exciting Piano Lessons on Your Schedule

Lessons are very comfortable because you can learn anywhere. In any computer, just log in to the members area with your username and password. You can watch lessons as many times as you like to get all the knowledge.

Preview of the members area (click on picture to see larger image).

Get Individual Help and Feedback from Your Teacher

You can always ask questions directly from me and I will answer. You can communicate with me through email, Skype and a discussion boards – and this starts with the FREE PROGRAM.

I strongly suggest you to use the possibility to post your recordings of the pieces that you learn during the course (and also independently) to get personal tips and feedback.

„I have been so thrilled to find this course and it has already solved quite a few problems not to mention giving me good wrist pain solutions. It has also helped me to think about playing in a different way.“
– Alice Edwards

Make Friends and Stay Motivated

In the discussion boards you can make friends with other piano lovers, who are also adult beginners. Share your experience and get feedback and a lot of support from other students like you.

About the Author

The author of the course is Jaak Sikk. He has over 25 years of practical piano experience (incl. playing, learning, performing and teaching). Click here to read more about the author.

„This [using the pedal] may be intermediate skill for most teachers. Jaak explains the coordination of hand and foot so clearly that it’s quite easy for a beginner to pick up this skill.“
– Weiyan Wo

About the Free One Month Piano Course

The free one month piano course is for adult beginners or those who want to refresh and improve their basics of piano playing. It is not a crash course you will learn step-by-step with an expert teacher Jaak supporting you. To take the pressure off and organise your learning there will be 2 piano lessons revealed every week.

When you acquire a strong technique basis, the joy from playing your favorite pieces will be much greater, because your ability to play is better. To gain the skills perfectly you simply need to watch the videos and practice at least 20 minutes a day.

By the end of the free basics course you have acquired a nice variety of different piano skills and first steps in music theory. This does not mean, that you have to stop learning with me.

You explain in a very simple way so it is easy to learn, also you speak slowly, this is wonderful because it gives our brain time for things to sink in.
– Catherine Antoinette Kobayashi

Continue Your Piano Studies

After the basics course there will be a possibility for stage two, where we will deepen and memorize thoroughly all the knowledge you have acquired. You will learn new interesting and famous classical piano pieces, polish your playing technique and abilities.

The concentration and quality level will be as high as in a good music school and the members area will continue with full support and feedback.

The following course lasts for 11 months and has 8 lessons a month. During the one year piano course you will memorize all essential information about piano playing and master the piano technique.

„Your piano technique and the lessons that presented those techniques are one of a kind. After many years, it’s only now that I could comfortably play with my pinky and ring fingers. This made me hopeful and got enthusiastic again to play the piano.

All the piano teachers I have mentioned [in the full testimonial] pale in comparison when it comes to piano technique. The way your hand and fingers move are way above their level of expertise.“

– Edward Evangelista

How to Participate in the Free Online Piano Course

Click Register Now at the sign up page. Then enter your name, email address and choose a password.

1 month basics course
Get 8 piano lessons (2 revealed each week)
Possibility to continue your piano studies in the follow-up course
Personal help and feedback whenever you need it (email and video responses from Jaak Sikk, MA)
Access to a members only piano forum
No credit card data, only name and email address required

For questions about the Online Piano Course, please contact me at


  • Ric

    Fantastic information!!!

  • Edward Evangelista

    I have just found a great piano teacher!

    I got your email last night giving instructions on how to activate my account in your FREE online piano course. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much from these lessons (because it’s free, haha).

    Was I surprised! The lessons are well produced and it was very clear from the very first lesson that this course is definitely of high caliber done by a highly proficient piano teacher. Your piano course would be a big, big hit.

    I’m an armchair piano student, I mean, I just love reading piano lessons but avoid sitting down at the piano to practice. The beginner lessons don’t excite me at all, they never gave me enough motivation to play the piano. And when the time came to play with two hands I simply gave up because I got frustrated.

    I’ve never read any beginner’s piano course that explained the way how to attack the piano keys the way you did. Learning this finger technique made me get up in the middle of the night to follow your instructions :) Ah, I should mention that I was lying down in bed while watching your videos. This technique that I have learned from your free course is simply priceless.

    You made me go back to the piano again. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

  • Edward Evangelista

    I must add that I finished watching your video lessons in one sitting last night! I simply cannot get enough of it. Awesome presentation… excellent content!

    I’m really thrilled anticipating the second installment of your free course. I just couldn’t thank you enough… THANKS HEAPS!!!

    • Hi Edward,

      Thank you very much for your comment :)

      That is true, I have been doing these lessons for quite a long time and I have put a lot of energy into them. The idea is to give everyone a free possibility to acquire the piano playing basics. By the end of the free piano course and after following the instructions even the absolute beginner should be able to play, read the note sheet and develop his/her own piano skills.

      For me it is probably the most inspiring and beautiful fact that you went to play the piano in the middle of the night. So I am really happy that you enjoyed the first lessons and I could give you some motivation and ideas.

      You are the first commenter of the content of the course and it means very much to me.

      Thank you.
      Piano teacher,

  • Alice Edwards

    Hi Jaak,

    login issues HELP needed.

    I do not seem to be able to sign. The membership/login is refusing my email and/or my password. Or both.

    I do not want to have to sign up again because I’m already in the second part of week two. I’d hate to have to wait for this to roll around again so i can continue going forward.

    I have been so thrilled to find this course and it has already solved quite a few problems not to mention giving me good wrist pain solutions. it has also helped me to think about playing in a different way,

    Looking forward to your help in getting me back into the course,



    • Jaak

      Hi Alice,

      I sent you a mail with a new password and tried to fix the issue.
      It seems that you have a problem with your hotmail account.

      Hope to get you back there :)


  • Neal

    Tervist, Jaak!

    Thank you so much for your on-line piano course. I have just started them. In addition, I am 8 weeks into a 52 week course in popular piano. Your information on finger technique and “gravity arm drop” are not even mentioned in this course, even though they seem to be the very foundations of technique. I plan to go back over your essential finger technique video many times, because I am not sure that I really get the difference between the correct and incorrect technique.

    One question: will the subsequent free lessons (and then the paid ones) automatically show up on my Playing Piano page every few days? Will I be notified when a new lesson is installed? Will the old lessons remain posted on my account page for future references.

    Finally: your playing is beautiful! I am wrestling with the scales and to hear your C major was a revelation. Albert Frantz of is very adamant about the importance of scales to pianists of all levels, but this is the first time I have actually heard a scale played by someone of concert-level ability.

    Tanan vaga!

    Bohol, Philippines

  • Neal

    Forgot to ask in the last post. Is there a method book that you follow during the future lessons that I should order ahead of times.



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    I like to divide a piece into small parts, then put them together to make a longer tune till you reach a
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  • Daniel

    Hi Jaak!

    I just had a quick look at your website and your program outline explained in you tube, can you elaborate about your program of 11 month course – by completion, what will be my level or grade of playing. I personally completed piano grade 5 ABRSM, from 2005 to 2010 l took private lesson, but last 3 years I am just exploring myself, ABRSM has 8 grade/level program, but after grade 5 I find it very difficult and I attempt on grade 7 exam but not made it, I got the basic theory passed ( grade 5). So my question does your course will take it further

    • Dear Daniel,

      We do not have this ABRS system here exactly.
      We have a different classification. But I will give you the list of pieces that you can learn during the 11-month follow up course.
      Then you could probably decide which piece goes into which ABRSM grade.

      1) J.S.Bach/C.Petzold – Menuet in G major
      2) P.Tchaikovsky – “Old French Song”
      3) J.Haydn – Menuet in F major
      4) S.Prokofiev – “Morning” from “Music for Children”
      5) J.S.Bach – Prelude in C major WTC I
      6) J.Sikk – “Variations”
      7) L.van Beethoven – “Für Elise”

      Thank you Daniel and best wishes to you!

    • I would just like to add that if you participate in the one month free course you will get a very good overview of the whole attitude and structure of the 11-month course.

      The free course is also a whole course and it includes the most important aspects of piano technique etc. If you see the free course you can decide whether the 11-month course suits you or not.


  • Thank you for the information on this program. Have been looking for a classical course that fits beginners, and your seem to be a perfect one. I like that it is goal oriented so you know what you can expect to achieve during the year.

    • Jaak

      Dear Violet,

      Thank you very much for your interest and your nice words.

      The free course will show everything about the teaching methods, style and philosophy. So you can really decide :)

      If there is something I can do for you just let me know.

      Best wishes,

  • clara

    I just found out about you on YouTube today. I have been teaching myself the piano through a popular course for adults. However I have picked up some relatively bad habits (L index lifts very rigidly when playing and it creates lots of pain) and also getting by with poor memorization and posture. I am glad I found your course so that I can actually improve instead of learning tediously with horrible habits.


    • Dear Clara,

      I am very glad to hear about that. Piano is my passion and love and I like teaching very much as well. I am doing the best I can to be as good teacher as possible.

      If there is anything I can do to help you on your musical way just let me know.

      Best to you Clara!

  • ari

    Hi Jaak, i really want to learn piano classic. i know nothing about piano and i dont have any piano now, what kind of piano do you recommend for me to buy ? so i can practice with you



  • Jean-Luc

    Hi Jaak,

    First of all, thank you for your very interesting youtube channel. A lot of precious information on it.
    I registered for the first month of your follow up tutorials and I really like what I have seen so far.
    I don’t know if I will be able to keep learning the piano (some big issues with my right hand) but I wish my “in-person” teacher would have been as competent as you seem to be, maybe I wouldn’t have been injured and I would be able to spend as much time on the piano as I wish I could :)

    Thank you and in my opinion you are doing a great job !

    • Dear Jean-Luc,

      Thank you very much for joining the course and your interest.
      Also thank you for your nice words.

      I really hope and believe that the problems with your hand will get better and will be solved finally.

      If to play in a way that is not organic for human body, it is possible to get an injury. But when to adapt a physically “friendly” way of playing it can lead you out from the trouble if to be very careful and persistent.

      Best wishes to you!

  • Jawwad Hafeez

    I joined this course and have completed 6 Months now, yesterday I subscribed for the 6th month.
    This course has helped me a lot, more than my teacher at home.

    Jaak’s recommended techniques and practices for relaxed piano playing producing beautiful piano tones is commendable. Step by step video guide with slow practices, hands separate then together and full arm technique slowly but consistently improve ur skills.

    Highly recommend for passionate players

  • kakande tonny

    sir 4 me i know how 2 read music so where should i start from?

  • Rani

    Hello.. In last year I learned Piano. When I am looking for a guide line like your blog. but didn’t get any resource to learn piano. but in last few days I saw your blog. Your one month free courses really impress me to learn piano more and more. anyway, in this year I wanna learn guitar, please suggest me a teacher like you. I mean the tuition fees per month of your course very affordable for me. and I want some free classes. I think you understand my requirement. If you have any good teacher please suggest me. Affordable tuition fees are very important for me.

    ow! another think is I learned piano very easily in short time by this. anybody also can learn piano in a short time. it’s help me a lot to learn piano in a short time.

    Thank you. and I am waiting for your suggestion.

  • Hi Jaak! do you provide training for kids? My 10 year old daughter wants to learn piano… we don’t have a piano teacher nearby so will stick to online learning


    Wow! At last I got a weblog from where I can in fact get useful information concerning
    my study and knowledge.

  • This is my first time visit at here and i am truly impressed to read all at alone place.

  • Morteza

    do you teach how to read sheet music and fast in your course ?

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