Is It Too Late for Me to Start Learning the Piano?

Actually your interest in playing piano is the top decider “whether it is too late or not”. As you have landed on this page it is a proof that you have some interest in playing the piano. So the short answer is that for sure it is not too late. But as the topic is wider and includes many details and sides I try to give some insight and also interesting facts about the subject.

According to the law of relativity every statement is dependent on the relation between the object and its environment and context. In this case the most important aspect is your inner feel and image about your goal about piano playing and how you want to see the process become a reality.

When you are not four or six years old it is very likely that it is too late to become a professional recital pianist. So when you are a late beginner your image of the process and your goals should probably be different than that. But the good news is that you can achieve basically everything besides becoming a professional recital pianist. You can play different pieces you like and perform them to your friends, family, you can acquire knowledge in music theory, you can develop a set of good playing skills and integrate them into an effective whole and you can even give recitals as a piano amateur.

As it is already explained a bit in the previous paragraph, the “is it too late or not?” has more to do with your mental state about playing piano than any real world obstacles. I can sincerely say that all the pianists, and I mean from the beginners till the best players in the world are united into a big process of piano playing and experience similar things. The more you learn piano and practice it the more you will understand that what really matters is the musical process itself and enjoying it as much as possible.

No pianist has ever gained absolute mastery of playing piano. I know that every now and then even the most talented pianists in the world have been very upset about the recital they just gave despite all the crowd screaming in the praise of their magnificent, extraordinary etc. playing. The best ones are students too, servants of music, they have their goals and problems too. They want to change and get better every day. When you start learning piano you step into the worldwide family of piano learners and you will get so much to share and age will never be what is stopping you.

I will form the main question of this article as a set of questions. If you answer “yes” to every question in your mind then you are definitely not too old for starting the journey of piano playing.

    1) Do you love piano and classical music?
    2) Are you interested in learning how to play piano?
    3) Are you ready to contribute some of your free time to piano practice?
    (read more here: how much to practice piano)
    4) Are you up to step-by-step change towards improvement?

If you gave four “yes” answers you have proven yourself that you are in the perfect age for embarking on the piano learning process. And actually the best part is yet to come.

According to my experience piano learning process of child beginners and adult beginners differs in many aspects. And I can say that when the ultimate goal is having a serious and enriching hobby, the adult beginners are in a better position in many ways. I will explain why.
Children cannot analyze what is going on and what they are really doing while they learn. It is a lucky chance who is going to be their teacher. Everything is depending 35% on their natural talent and 65% on their teacher. Often very talented children (and I would even say in most cases) never reach the top of their potential or near that because of insufficient teaching methods they encounter. The way how children learn is imitation.

You are out of this group. You are a conscious person with good skills of analysis and making aware decisions. You can compare different methods and see what works with you and what does not. This situation makes you free. So when you get good learning materials your mature thinking will give you a chance to build up an efficient foundation for playing piano – you can choose the best you can find. It makes you free and opens up the world of piano related materials.

In addition to this the philosophical and psychophysical aspects of piano playing with all their benefits are totally open for you. You can start drawing parallels between piano playing and its integrity with everyday life and universal principles that are present everywhere in the world. You can work with very different aspects of yourself and get to be a better and more successful person day by day by solving the enigma of piano playing. I will bring out a few points that correspond to this paragraph.

    1) Your expressive skills get a lot better
    2) Your contact and awareness of your emotions and fantasy grows
    3) Your mnemonic abilities get a real boost
    4) Skills of coordination improve
    5) You can relieve many physical tensions that have been present or which you did not know were there before
    6) You can get your body motions much more free and integrated
    7) You can learn a lot about history and different epochs of art

The list could be longer….

Researches confirm that brain is changing all the time and new neurons are formed from the stem cells regardless of the age. How you think and what are the neural processes changes the structure of the brain. This completely supports the idea of lifelong learning.

As the conclusion I will leave the first question “Is it too late for me to start learning piano?” open and I will leave it for you to answer. What is the most important is what you feel and think about it. I hope I could give you some insight and support to find the best answer about the topic. If you feel now that it is not too late to start learning piano, you can try out my free one month course for adult beginners.

As your piano learning process is the highest priority for me as a piano teacher I would be most happy to discuss or answer any this topic or piano related questions via email or Skype call.

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