How to Really Feel Music

Did you know that our brain does not feel pain? It does not have receptors for pain. If somebody would cut into a living brain, it would not hurt. Strange.. But why am I talking about this?

Whatever you feel, is it joy, anger, sadness or surprise you feel it through your physical reactions. Emotions are generated by our brain parts that are directly connected with certain parts of your body. Different emotions are associated with different parts of body. Think about smiling or fingers forming fists while angry. These are some emotions that are immediately reflected and combined with our body.

You can experiment and discover yourself. When you get angry, terrified or extremely happy try to locate, where is the emotion in your body.

But just as much as your emotions influence your body, your body motions also change and direct your emotions. When you are sad but just push yourself to smile, your mood actually gets better and your brain chemistry changes. That way you can get a better control over your emotions through relaxing and certain body movements you can do.

This is why body motion is so important when it comes to making music. To play well and to really feel the music your body has to move exactly according to the music. Your body has to be free and very alive, very expressive. For the same reason dancing feels so liberating and good – we feel so many things through physical expression.

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