How Does Personal Feedback for Classical Piano Course Students Work?

Personal feedback is a very important feature of the adult beginner piano course because it enables to deal with your current unique situation and help you with your very own specific issues. This way it ensures that you get the maximum out of the course and improve faster. It is good for catching mistakes and focusing on the right learning habits. I will be giving you personal feedback in different ways. Communication takes place via e-mail, exchange of videos and if needed also via Skype conversation. Look at the example video exchange below between me and my online piano student (he gave me permission to post the videos).

Please note that feedback is never obligatory. It is going to be exactly according to your personal wishes and readiness. For example some people do not want to record themselves or just want to learn completely alone. So feedback is all the time a possibility whenever you decide you need my support and it happens exactly according to your wish.

About the Video Feedback

Sending your videos and receiving feedback has multiple benefits to your development as a beginner pianist and for many piano students it is an exciting challenge. The prerequisite of getting feedback on your videos is a video of your own playing. Creating this video is very improving. After recording you will see yourself playing from a distance. Then you will discover a lot about your physical motion, and see a lot where you can change and improve yourself. Usually students want to give their best and record the best version of a piano piece they can at that moment. It is a natural situation where development speeds up.

After I receive your video, I will either:

    1) Record you a video, where I show exact things you could do to develop further
    2) Send you an answer as an e-mail, when video feedback is not necessary according to the content of the answer

Usually I will answer the e-mails straight away (or maximum within 24 hours). The video answers might take more time because I need to record and upload them. Usually it takes 1-3 days to get a video feedback from me.

How Does the Video Feedback System Work Step-by-Step?

    1) You will need to record a video of your playing, and then upload it (for example Dropbox, Youtube etc.)
    2) Send me the link of your playing
    3) After I watch your video and come to the best conclusion about what to say to help you go on, I will send you the feedback video

How to Organize Skype Conversations?

The only thing you need to do to get a Skype conversation with me is letting me know about your free times and the subject you want to talk about. If that is set, I will write you back and we can confirm the chat.

To get professional feedback specifically on your piano playing just join the free piano course and send me a video of yourself playing piano or just an e-mail with your questions. I will give a prompt answer.

My contact details are here:

Skype: jaak.sikk.jr

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