How Clear Decisions Can Help You

Passion for music is a great thing and really important when you want to learn the piano. It turns you on and pushes you to practice and play music you like. Especially young people tend to be very passionate but sometimes also too impulsive about what they like.

But how far do you really want to go with your musical improvement? Where is music in your list of priorities? Do you want to keep playing for three days passionately and then abandon playing the piano? Maybe you have always had a love for music and you want to have it as a hobby for the rest of your life. Some people even want to become professional pianists.

Being clear what is the meaning of piano playing for you can help you to be and stay motivated. Then it is easier to create a realistic practice schedule and not to expect too much from yourself. When you have an inner sense and schedule what to follow you can avoid illusions and disappointments or too high expectations from yourself. Clear decisions are a sign of mature thinking. This is what I suggest.

When you realise how much time do you really have for music and how important music actually is for you, you can find a natural long-term place for music in your life.

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