• Really interesting about how the use of that staccato note develops control of the pinky finger. Thanks for sharing.

  • Your advice is really helpful and easy to understand.

  • Richard

    Hi Jaak

    I have been reading quite a bit on your website about your piano course and it looks very impressive with lots of high praise and enthusiasm from your students. It seems like a great option for a beginner wanting to start properly.

    But I noticed that there doesn’t seem to have been any new posts to your website in pethaps a year. I am just wondering if you are still running your course and if there are still plans to offer a second year course?

    I have signed up for the trial month and am hoping to continue from there.

    Kind regards

    • Jaak

      Dear Richard,

      Thank you very much.
      I believe in the method very much. It is put together of the best bits I have found in the depth of piano field.
      It takes time, careful practice and discipline. But the results are good.

      Student feedback is guaranteed all the time.

      Great that you have joined. If any question arise, just send me a mail and I will give feedback.
      Take care!

      Best wishes,

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