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J.S. Bach/C. Petzold Menuet in G Major is the first piece you are going to learn in the follow-up course.

During the 11 Month Follow-Up Course You Will:

a) learn 7 classical well-known pieces (incl. Bach prelude in C Major from WTC I and Für Elise by Beethoven) and aquire knowledge of chords and structure in classical pieces;

All of the pieces in the learning order:

1) J. S.Bach/C.Petzold – Menuet in G Major
2) P. Tchaikovsky – “Old French Song”
3) S. Prokofiev – “Morning” from “Music for Children”
4) J. Haydn – Menuet in F Major
5) J.S. Bach – Prelude in C Major WTC I
6) J. Sikk – “Variations”
7) L. van Beethoven – “Für Elise”

b) acquire the optimal way of playing the piano that has been discovered. Both finger and hand technique and their combining goes on. Your hands will be coworking, musical, expressive and relaxed. You will gain the ability to play different and already quite difficult pieces;

c) train and create motion habits that are suitable for natural musical expression and are in harmony with piano mechanism details and also with your own body. This will also develop your coordination abilities a lot;

d) learn how to practice and what to practice. It will spare your effort to the things that are important. There are easy methods how to increase the efficiency of practicing tremendously;

e) strengthen your contact with your inner self and increase self-expressive abilities. You will also acquire a better skill of concentrating;

f) develop your sight reading skills significantly;

g) master a memorizing system that is unbelievably efficient;

h) be able to learn new pieces on your own and have a basis to develop your skills further.

Curriculum for the whole course.

I Invite You to Join the Follow-Up Course

This is an important step because it is not a crash course, but more like going to a real music school and having a private piano teacher.

Changes and decisions often require energy to be done. And the moment is now. If you have gone this far and you feel deep inside that you love the piano and wish to learn it thoroughly then just do it. Later you will be hesitative and the energy surge will fade.

I am sure that you might have questions about the course and its technical side. For example:

Why Should I Choose Jaak Sikk’s Online Piano Course?

There are so many online piano lessons and courses offered on the Internet. You are probably struggling to make the right decision for you.

I think that it will help you to make a choice when I speak about my principles in teaching the piano.

1) One of the trends of today is to get everything as fast as possible. This course differs from that attitude and follows step-by-step thorough method, that has stood the test of time and honours worthy and valuable teaching traditions combined with the newest piano and methodology related discoveries.

I believe that an instrument can not be learned fast. You can quickly learn the notes and chords etc., but to really master and acquire something it takes time. There are so many detailed habits combined with knowledge and motion. You can enjoy playing the piano much more, when you build a meaningful and deep relationship with the piano over a longer period of time.

2) The two lessons per week pace keeps up the excitement and a good learning rhythm – two exciting lessons with new secrets and tasks will be revealed every week. This will make it easy to learn systematically and in an organized way.

3) You are not alone in your learning process. I am offering free personalised support by email, video sharing via YouTube or Skype and on discussion boards – ensuring every problem is quickly resolved for you

I strongly suggest you to use the possibility to post your recordings of the pieces that you learn during the course (and also independently) to get personal tips and feedback.

4) I only teach classical pieces in the follow-up course.

So if you share my opinions and are interested in really learning the piano step by step, then this is the right place for you.

piano keys

Is It Possible That the Follow-Up Course Is Too Fast-Paced for Me?

If you are commited to learning the piano and make time for practicing, then it is definitely not too fast-paced or intense.

On the other hand, if you already know, that you do not have sufficient time for the course, you can choose to work at your own pace. It is possible, because I offer different payment and subscription plans depending on your learning possibilities.

What Happens If I Want to Take a Break from Learning?

The course lasts for eleven months, but that does not mean you have to take the whole course in one session. Depending on your payment plan you can always take a break for as long as you need, be it 1 month / 2 months / half a year.

The system is flexible and you can advance to the next month whenever you want. Then when you decide, that it is the right time to start learning again, you can continue exactly from the point you left off.

And also all the lessons you have already paid for are available to you forever.

What If I Want to Stop Learning the Piano Completely?

If you decide halfway through the follow-up course that learning the piano is not for you and want to opt-out, then you can just stop learning. There are no contracts.

What If I Want to Start the Follow-Up Course At a Later Time?

When you have completed the free basics course, you can start the follow-up course whenever you want. Your account will never expire and you can continue your studies when it best suits you.

What If I Did Not Complete the Free Basics Course?

If you did not have time to complete the free basics course in one month and want to catch up before you start the follow-up course, you can always take the free basics course again.

How Much Is the Follow-Up Course Going to Cost?

The regular monthly price is $38 and you can pay with PayPal, Stripe or credit cards. Discounts apply depending on your payment plan. You will receive 8 piano lessons a month for 11 months (88 lessons altogether). The payment plan is not just the way you choose how you pay. It is actually more important, because it influences strongly the learning process. Also, each person is different and therefore the style how to learn might need a different approach.

I am also offering a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Which payment plan to choose?

I will bring out some ideas to help you choose.

Payment Plan for 11 Months:
1) Recurring payment is a strong decision and it helps to take you the learning process more seriously in a good way and helps to stay motivated.
2) Recurring payment helps you to keep a good learning pace and stay organized.
3) Every week two exciting lessons will be revealed – you have something interesting to wait for.
4) It costs less than other choices.
5) The material you get at once is not too overwhelming.
6) You do not have to mess with payments each month.
7) You can cancel your payments at any time.

Single Payment for 11 Months:
Buying as one bunch suits the best for those, who want to have a quick overview in a fast pace, are very organized and disciplined by nature and want to have an individual and not regular learning schedule.

Single Payment for 1 Month:
Buying manually month by month is the best for those, who:
1) Want to have their own free schedule
2) Are naturally deeply self-motivated

single payment for 1 month
Get 8 lessons at once
Pay for the next lessons month-to-month basis whenever suitable
Personal help and feedback (email and video responses from Jaak Sikk, MA)
Access to a members only piano forum
After you have paid for the 1 month the lessons are available to you forever
Regular price
30-day 100% money back guarantee
payment plan for 11 months
$38 $29/mo
Get 8 lessons a month for 11 months
Advance to the next month automatically with recurring payments
Personal help and feedback (email and video responses from Jaak Sikk, MA)
Access to a members only piano forum
After you have paid for the 11 months the lessons are available to you forever
Save $99
30-day 100% money back guarantee
single payment for 11 months
$418 $349
Get all 88 lessons at once
Advance to the next month whenever, all the lessons are already paid for
Personal help and feedback (email and video responses from Jaak Sikk, MA)
Access to a members only piano forum
After you have paid the one time fee the lessons are available to you forever
Save $69
30-day 100% money back guarantee

1) Choose a payment plan that matches your goals and click Sign up.
2) On the sign-up page click Register Now. Then click on the link Have you taken a course on Ruzuku before? and sign in.
3) You can pay using your PayPal or Stripe account or if you do not have one, you can pay with your debit/credit card.
4) That’s it. Your account has been successfully activated.

NB! Account sharing is prohibited.

For questions about the Online Piano Course, please contact me at


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