Step 6 Why Dreams Fail

When you fall in love, can you grab your beloved one by force and hope that things work out? I do not think so. Better stay positive, sensitive, caring, steady and enjoy the play. Why do you think music is different? Not at all. If your goal is to quickly grab the ability of playing an instrument then you never actually will play. If you enjoy the process itself, you have hope.

Step 5 Why Dreams Fail

People often think that to play music, you have to be very “emotional”. Sadly it usually ends up with bashing the piano and playing below average level. Does the fact that you are emotional make the music sound nicely, purely and beautifully? Does your passion guarantee a clear expression of musical material? Not at all. To play well, you have to know WHAT TO DO EXACTLY and then you have to carefully through physical freedom and acute listening express your musical vision.

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