Are My Hands Too Small for Playing Piano Well?

Small hands have never stopped anyone from playing the piano well. And if they did it was due to a misunderstanding. Maybe there are some exception where someone really has abnormally small hands, but this is an exception then.

One of the best pianists of the twentieth century had hands that are considered very small among pianists – he basically had a maximum of an octave and with great effort a ninth. Still he was able to play all the pieces and overcome tremendous technical obstacles with ease. The name of this particular pianist is Emil Gilels.

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Why do I know his hand range as a fact is that one of my piano teachers was his student and told me that when I asked about Emil Gilels.

So do not worry about your hand range. This is not something that is going to stop you. And for the musical material which is out of your hand range there are several ways to find decent solutions.

Hope it encouraged you. If you have any questions, thoughts, ideas please contact me without hesitation. And to get practical proof that your hands are fit enough for playing piano, you can also join the free one month piano course.

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  • rebecca walt

    Could you recommend a digital piano brand/model to get me started? I prefer to start that way until determine if I want to continue to play and then purchase a piano. Thank you so much.

    • Jaak

      Dear Rebecca,

      Congratulations. Buying an instrument is a great step and decision. I am very happy about it.

      I have written an article on the subject that might be helpful. To give certain tips which instrument to buy, I would need to know your budget size. After you read the article, I would be most happy to answer all additional questions you may have. Click here to read it.

      Best wishes and good luck!


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