Am I Talented Enough to Learn to Play the Piano?

This is one question that I can answer quickly and for sure “Yes, you are talented enough to learn to play the piano”. I will also explain why I am so confident in saying that out loud and quick.

Music is a very natural thing to all humans. There is no human who already by nature does not include the main structure that underlies music. And the music you already possess is language. When you are able to speak it means that you are a musical person. Many researches and brain imaging prove that music and language are processed by the same areas in the brain.

And now when this important fact has been brought out I can say that everything else is just the question of intelligent work and connecting brain centers in a right way (neurolinguistic programming). I will also bring you an example.

I once had a student in my piano class who seemed to lack the most basic sense of rhythm. He was desperately trying to knock the most simple rhythm figures without success and he was not able to play the easiest melody on the piano keyboard without immediately losing the sense of pulse.

I asked him to sit at a drum set and take a drumstick. Then we read and repeated a simple verbal phrase for several times. After he did that I kindly asked him to do the same thing in his mind without verbally saying the words out. When he was confident with mentally reading the text I suggested trying to add rhythm to the text and keeping the mental clarity about the text he was imagining silently. Then he started playing a snare drum according to the inner text. And this worked like magic. Then he suddenly was able to have a pulse and knock exact rhythm.

Before the model was created for a sense of rhythm by connecting language and body motion he was just using wrong brain resources for knocking rhythm. Rhythm can never be achieved by rational thinking only and without using ones sense of time (which is sort of an irrational value). Rhythm is actually the most basic and grounding value in music. So being naturally rhythmical is absolutely enough as a talent basis to be able to play pieces you like. And I am sure you possess much more than that.

So I am confident to say that anyone who is able to speak a language fluently has enough talent to learn his/her favorite pieces and be able to play them on piano. You can start now by joining the free one month piano course for adult beginners.

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