Adult Beginners FAQ

Before you choose an adult beginner piano course to follow and use it as a your piano learning platform you might have many piano course related questions in your mind as most of other students have had. My goal here is to answer these questions to help you make the best decision. I try to cover as many topics as possible.

In case you have additional questions please let me know about them. Any question about adult beginner course or piano playing in general is very much appreciated. It helps to clarify things for you and gives me an opportunity to expand the area of questions answered. Contact me via e-mail, Skype or phone.

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Read Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is It Too Late for Me to Start Learning the Piano?

Actually your interest in playing piano is the top decider “whether it is too late or not”. As you have landed on this page it is a proof that you have some interest in playing the piano. So the short answer is that for sure it is not too late. But as the topic is wider and includes many details … Continue reading

2) Am I Talented Enough to Learn to Play the Piano?

This is one question that I can answer quickly and for sure “Yes, you are talented enough to learn to play the piano”. I will also explain why I am so confident in saying that out loud and quick. Music is a very natural thing to all humans. There is no human who already by nature does not include the … Continue reading

3) What Equipment Do I Need for Joining Jaak Sikk’s Adult Beginner Piano Course?

For joining the adult beginner piano course and being a success with it you will need a piano (digital or acoustic), a screen where to watch piano teaching videos from and internet access. This is the minimum requirement for effective learning. Most students also regularly send me videos of their playing to get personal feedback on their piano playing. For … Continue reading

4) How Does Personal Feedback for Classical Piano Course Students Work?

Personal feedback is a very important feature of the adult beginner piano course because it enables to deal with your current unique situation and help you with your very own specific issues. This way it ensures that you get the maximum out of the course and improve faster. It is good for catching mistakes and focusing on the right learning … Continue reading

5) How Much Do I Need to Practice Piano?

As with many things there is no short answer that is straightforward correct. Therefore I will firstly give you a short answer in an as simple way as possible and then explain what is under the top of the iceberg. I would say that each individual is different and the concentration skill of every person differs a lot. So there … Continue reading

6) I Cannot Sight-read, Can I Join the Adult Beginner Piano Course?

In todays piano teaching methodology the ability to sight-read is not among the first skills one has to acquire. Sight-reading is already a very complex thing and when you sight-read it means that while sight-reading you have to simultaneously play the piano too. So it expects the ability to play the piano plus the ability to sight-read. These two together … Continue reading

7) 11 Proven Concepts for Effective Piano Learning Used in the Courses

The materials here and in the courses are not “invented” by Jaak Sikk. Some of them are also original ideas but the materials include a variety of world famous and influential concepts and teaching methods. Basically when researching the articles, courses and materials here you are in the same boat with the biggest thinkers, philosophers and musicians throughout all times. … Continue reading

8) I Do Not Have a Piano, Which One Would Be the Best for Me?

Purchasing a piano is an interesting, big and crucial step when it comes to piano playing. As the variety of different instruments is huge it can be quite confusing what exactly to choose. In this article I will bring out the main parameters of instruments and give you an overview of what to search for. First Step – Digital or … Continue reading

9) When Will I See the First Outcome When I Follow The Adult Beginner Piano Course?

As the first short answer I will say that if you follow the course properly, in the end of the first free month you will be able to play four short piano pieces. These pieces are nice and combined with the fundamental technical piano playing skills that are inevitable for every piano player. The full list of detailed overview of … Continue reading

10) Are My Hands Too Small for Playing Piano Well?

Small hands have never stopped anyone from playing the piano well. And if they did it was due to a misunderstanding. Maybe there are some exception where someone really has abnormally small hands, but this is an exception then. One of the best pianists of the twentieth century had hands that are considered very small among pianists – he basically … Continue reading

11) Are My Hands And Fingers Too Stiff for Playing?

It is a normal process that when we age our body and its abilities degenerate. Also as playing piano is a very specific way of moving we are not using these specific chains of muscles in everyday life. So as we age and do not use piano playing motions it is very normal that our body might feel stiff and … Continue reading

12) Should I Learn Online Or Find an Offline Private Piano Teacher?

As a preface I have to admit that writing this article has been really tricky. While writing, several ambivalent and discrepant ideas and possibilities popped into my mind and partially excluded each other. Therefore explaining the issue clearly and provide a thorough answer I will explain every important aspect for each different case. Contact with the Piano Teacher in Offline … Continue reading

13) Can I Make Friends And Socialize with Fellow Students After Joining the Online Piano Course?

The community of students is an important part of the learning process. The online piano course has a special forum that is meant for student communication. Whenever piano related questions are asked by students, I as a teacher will also be present to answer and comment. When you join the free online piano course you will be given access to … Continue reading