Who is Jaak


I am a classically trained pianist. In 2014 I got my master’s degree from Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (piano and improvisation). Currently I work as a lecturer at the same university. I am also studying for a doctoral degree.

My musical studies began when I was 6. My mom dragged me to the music school, despite my efforts to avoid learning the piano. Now the piano is my passion, interest and job. I have won several prizes at the national and international piano competitions. I perform solo pieces, ensemble music and accompany singers. I also record music.

In 2011 I, among some other musicians, had the honor of representing Estonia in the 4th IMC World Forum on Music, that took place in Tallinn, Estonia (my home city and the Cultural Capital of Europe 2011).

Piano Teacher

I have studied under many significant concert pianists and legendary teachers at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. From my mentors, I acquired the most effective ways and tips to teach the instrument. I have always remained critical and therefore been able to see my teachers objectively (and also learn from their weaknesses).

From September of 2014 I hold the position of improvisation lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. I teach individual lessons for BA and MA students. During my ten years of teaching experience (starting from 2005-2006), I have developed my own teaching methods that are effective and directed to improve the musical personality of my students.

Currently I have roughly 15 private students, mostly beginners, with whom the lessons are enjoyable and impressive for both sides. The biggest compliment for me is seeing the growing inspiration of my students and finding their piano skills improving quickly.

On the 1st of September 2011 I released a thorough interactive online piano course for people who want to learn classical piano, but for different reasons cannot get a real private teacher.


I love writing songs and playing them on the piano. I have written many pieces for the orchestra and smaller compositions as well. My first author’s recital took place in 2004 when I was 18. The music was for the orchestra and the duration 60 min.

In 2008 my piece for string orchestra won the finalist prize (shared 1st-5th place) in the worldwide competition Jeunesses Musicales for composers held in Bucharest, Romania.


  • John Matthews

    “I have won several prizes at the national and international piano competitions.” Which competitions exactly did you win?

    • Jaak

      I am now more focused on teaching the piano. I participated in competitions when I was younger. Some of the more important competitions: Jeunesses International Music Competition (finalist, I-V prize, composition, 2008). International Competition of Young Pianists Dedicated to the Work of F. Chopin (Diploma, 2001). International Contest for Pianists, Violinists and Cellists “Young Musician” (III prize and a special award, 1997). National Competition for Pianists (I prize, 2003; IV prize, 1999).

  • Where could I see or hear some of the things you have composed for piano?
    I recently composed something that I didn’t think would be so hard to play but I have difficulty playing it without mistakes. You can check it out at the top of my youtube channel.

  • Piret Kannike

    Hi, how can I get contact with youi, I would be interested of piano lessons.

  • Katri & Jenni

    Tere Jaak,
    We found your website, it’s amazing! also other instrument players can learn and get inspiration from it!


  • Maarja


    Me as well I’m interested in piano lessons.

    All the best,

  • Kristel

    Kas te õpetate ka päris algajaid?
    Tegemist 8 ja 5 aastaste poistega
    Tänan vastuse eest!

  • Karin

    Tere, kas õpetate ka lapsi?

  • Hello Jaak, I am learning piano for 2,5 years and love it. At the moment I learn Robert Schumann´s First Love and found your marvellous Video about that on YouTube. Very well explained and I love your thoughts about playing it. I am pleased to looking around here a litle bit. Best wishes from Graz Gabi

    • Dear Gabriele,

      Thank you for giving feedback. It is always good to read positive ideas and thoughts.

      I there is anything I can do for you or you would like to share your video with me to get feedback, feel free to do so. Also the free piano course I have here is aimed especially for beginners to help and support building a good fundamental package of skills for beginner pianists. You are also welcome to join it.

      Hope you enjoy your time here and find something valuable for yourself.

      Best wishes and take care.

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